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In this first milestone, you will complete an introduction and

 In this first milestone, you will complete an introduction and provide background information on your chosen attack. The milestones in this course will allow you to draft ideas and receive feedback from the instructor throughout the course. Each milestone builds on the previous one. These assignments will ensure that you are on the right track before you submit the final project in Module Nine. You may want to review the entire Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document to understand the full scope of the project. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: 

● Introduction: Draft the details of the terrorist attack you selected. Be sure to touch on when, where, and how the attack took place, and to describe the terrorist group responsible.

 ● Background on the Attack: Draft a discussion of the events that contributed to the attack’s occurrence, including the formation of the terrorist organization involved. Limit your focus to historical events that occurred from the Cold War to the present.

 ○ Explain how the history of the geographic region where the terrorist organization originated contributed to the attack. In other words, how did the region’s history create a volatile atmosphere or lead to tensions that contributed to the situation? 

○ Describe the sequence of relevant historical events that set the stage for the terrorist attack. Events to consider might include government policies or decisions, political elections, military actions, and other terrorist attacks. 

○ Describe the evolution of the terrorist organization involved in the attack. Be sure to consider the global historical attacks, policies, or decisions that led to its creation.  

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