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Project Can be any business other than a bicycle shop


Can be any business other than a bicycle shop (sales/repair)

1 Person 20 Tables

2 People 38 Tables

3 People 56 Tables

4 People 74 Tables

(Average 5 Columns per table)

Should be normalized to 3rd Normal Form

1 (per person) instance where 1st, 2nd, or 3rd normal form is violated, give a detailed explanation as to why you designed this violation (you can have more than one, but it must be explained)

Create Select/Insert/Update/Delete statements for each table (other than  many-to-many tables)

Create at least 12 business rules, 10 should be built into the design (Per person)

Naming convention – explain the naming convention you used.

Data Dictionary

10 rows of dummy data in each table (where possible)

DDL Scripts for each table, PK, and FK

Using create the ERD using Crow’s Foot Notation (No other Notation will be accepted)

If you are working as a team, make sure it is obvious who created which pieces. Color code the ERD, showing who did what.

One person should submit the project for the team.

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