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CLO #2 – Effectively determine and summarize the role of

CLO #2 – Effectively determine and summarize the role of leadership practices and commitment behaviors.

CLO #4 – Formulate an understanding of the practices leaders use to foster innovation and implement change and apply those leadership practices along with commitment behaviors to global business situations. Effectively summarize how the role of corporate diversity and globalization impacts these practices. 

CLO #5 – Assemble knowledge about the essentials of strengthening others. Develop independent, critical thinking, and reasoning skills to identify and improve personal leadership competency into a personal best project.

CLO #7 – Prepare and produce a leadership presentation by visually, verbally, and nonverbally organizing information using the roles and practices of leadership and the implications in the work environment discussed in class and in course materials.

INSTRUCTIONS:  For this DQ, you can submit either a 3-to-5 minute recorded presentation or a Voicethread. If a recording is selected, you must create a PowerPoint presentation (or Prezi, Google Slides, etc.) to accompany your recording. You may use any software of your choice to record. Check out the following links for additional support. 

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