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An athlete’s training program can be vital in their sport.

An athlete’s training program can be vital in their sport. If they are on the wrong program or using a program ill-suited for them it can be dangerous or ineffective. Some things that need to be taken into consideration are an athlete’s age, sex, weight, previous injuries, and how much volume the athlete can take. All of these things and more must be taken into consideration. The plan has to be based on the individual athlete for them to succeed. You cannot take a program designed for a three-hundred-pound man and give it to one hundred pound woman. It would not correlate and the woman most likely wouldn’t be able to do anything in the program. The intensity, volume, and other factors could be tweaked to make it work, but the program would always run into issues, because it was not designed for her.

A great program factors in all of the variables of the athlete and builds the plan based on them. A great program takes into account weight, age, sex, injuries, biological makeup, sport, and much more. There is no perfect program, but the closer it is to perfect the better. An athlete with a great plan will reach there goals more often and prevent more injuries compared to a mediocre plan. “For the neuromuscular system to fully benefit from the training load or stress, it is imperative to vary the volume and intensity. If the system is allowed to adapt to stressors without associated changes in overload, the body will no longer need to adapt, and increases in the wanted results will stop in time” (Phillips et al., 2016). Phillips et al., is stressing the importance of a good plan for an athlete, because if an athlete does not have a good program their body will no longer adapt 

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