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It will require that you select a topic that is

 It will require that you select a topic that is relevant  to our course and develop an informational  presentation.  The power point topic presentation should be one that can be of  informational value to your hypothetical educational program parents.  You will need to access any of the search engines, or you  can access our campus library database, EBSCO.

You will need to select a topic you may be interested in learning  more about that is related to the course of study. You will research the  topic and read the minimum of three articles that will provide you  enough information to assist you in developing a “mock” parent meeting  using the powerpoint software to develop your presentation.

Please see the list of attachments below for instructions and  examples. Make sure to submit all of the following items (1-7) on the  class site under your name only.

  1. Two page summarizing of all three articles you read for information on the topic you have selected.
  2. Copy of Flyer you have developed.
  3. Copy of your Agenda.
  4. Copy of your Ice Breaker.
  5. Copy of Bibliography with minimum of three sources. Source material  must be from a professional source.  A professional source refers to  articles published in peer reviewed journals and from professional  organizations and academic institutions.  These can be found using the  EBSCO Database available only through the ELAC library/resource website. Other articles can be found  in books and reputable web sites such as,
  6. Copy of Sample Evaluation.
  7. Copy of your powerpoint presentation with a minimum of five slides. 

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