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Phase 4 – Implementation This phase lays out the full

Phase 4 – Implementation

This phase lays out the full implementation plan for your project. This includes the project schedule with the individual project tasks and timelines. For example, if you are recommending a network upgrade solution, this phase provides the expected timeline for things like building wiring, acquisition of networking hardware, programming of switches and routers, setup of firewalls, connection of WiFi access points, etc. It will include any training required for use or administration. If you are doing a program or web design solution, your implementation plan would include the breakdown of different program components, perhaps following the Agile or another methodology, as well as examples of code or web page framework. 

Note: This phase should be 2 pages in length. 

Phase 5 – Ongoing Maintenance and Recommendations

This phase discusses the ongoing maintenance of the newly implemented project solution and how it will be supported going forward. This may include any training of technical support staff, disaster recovery plans, facilities management, software updates, etc. If there are any additional recommendations for future work to be performed after the completion of this project,  address those recommendations here. For example, if you have proposed a network upgrade, then following the completion of this project, you may also want to recommend a full WiFi implementation as the next project. If you chose to write a program or web development solution, you might include how software updates, patches or fixing will be done, how future releases may be provided, or how the web site may be managed and updated for relevancy. 

Note: This phase should be 2 pages in length. 

Also added the past phases of assignments for references

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