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This assignment will contribute to the SLO # 2 and


This assignment will contribute to the SLO # 2 and CO # 8.

Create a Worksheet Comparing Laptops Problem: 

You are shopping for a new laptop and want to compare the prices of three laptops. You will compare laptops with similar specifications, but where the brands and/or models are different. Perform the following tasks:

Part 1: Create a worksheet that compares the type, specifications, and the price for each laptop, as well as the costs to add an extended warranty

Use the concepts and techniques presented in this module to calculate the average price of a laptop and average cost of an extended warranty and to format the worksheet. Include a chart to compare the different laptop costs. 

Submit your assignment in the format specified by your instructor.

Part 2: You made several decisions while creating the worksheet in this assignment: 

  • How to organize the data, 
  • How to display the text
  • Which calculations to use 
  • Which chart to use. 

What was your rationale behind each of these decisions?

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