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I need a multi-paragraph write-up (including an introduction paragraph, body


I need a multi-paragraph write-up  (including an introduction paragraph, body paragraphs, and a conclusion) with a minimum of 750 words. Create a write-up that addresses the information below and include your reaction to the ideas presented. I need it in 10 hours.

1. ‘’ Road to Revolution’’

a. Read the YAWP readings – links provided at the bottom. 

b. Read Chapter 5 of the US History online text

c. Review the PowerPoint provided.

Questions to answer in your write-up:

From the YAWP reading, what new information did you learn from George R.T. Hewes’ personal account of the Boston Tea Party? 

From the YAWP reading, what tactics does Thomas Paine use to convince colonists to oppose a monarchy? 

Read through the Acts, in chapter 5 of the US History online text, put upon the colonists by the King of England. What message was the King sending the colonists? 

The Declaration of Independence has been called the ultimate break-up letter. It is a letter to the King of England and it also encourages that colonists to what to separate themselves from the King; the reasons are listed out why “he” is terrible. How did the men who signed the Declaration essentially sign their death warrants? 

Why was the anti-slavery clause removed from the final draft? Do some research on your own. 

What does the anti-slavery clause call slaves? Do you find this shocking? 

What was the public’s reaction to John Adams’ serving as legal representation of the British soldiers following the Boston Massacre? Research on your own. 

Why did the colonists and military leaders rely so heavily on spies during the war? 

Guerilla warfare tactics are one of the reasons that the Colonists won the war. Who did they learn these tactics from? 

YAWP Reading: Thomas Paine Calls for American independence, 1776

YAWP Reading: George R. T. Hewes, A Retrospect of the Boston Tea-party, 1834

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