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6 pages 8 slides Please submit your PPT and Write

6 pages

8 slides


Please submit your PPT and Write up.

Address the following questions in (5-10 pages) and Power Point presentation:

1. What is your business?

2. Define your knowledge management principles for your business and describe how the knowledge management changes the way you do business.
3. Please describe how chapters 1-10 are applicable to your business.

4. What are some of the knowledge management issues related to your business that you will be addressing in your presentation?

5. Develop the Knowledge Management model suitable for your venture.

6. Identify strengths of your Knowledge Management methods.

7. Identify weaknesses of your Knowledge Management methods.

8. Identify skill requirements and the training and development opportunities for Knowledge Management.

9. Just because a business structure is small does not mean that the overall governance rules do not apply.  How will you apply the various roles that of the KM Core group: KM Leader, KM Specialist, KM Communications Director, and IT? Business Analyst?

10. How will you fund your KM program?

11. What are your lessons learned?

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