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* Using the video from Episode 6 on Mr. Fallbrook,


* Using the video from Episode 6 on Mr. Fallbrook, answer two of the following prompts: Please identify each prompt you answer by number.

Prompt 1: Explain in detail the pathogenesis of how Mr. Fallbrook’s gastroenteritis leads to sepsis and then Acute Renal Failure.

Prompt 2: Research the medication Enalapril. Explain its uses, dosage, and side effects. 

Prompt 3:Explain the different types of Acute Renal Failure and which type Mr. Fallbrook falls under. 

Prompt 4:  Explain the different types of dialysis and how they are used. 

Please correlate your responses to Mr. Fallbrook’s case. Content in this case scenario incorporates topics from Chapters 16, 20, 28, and 36.


* Scholarly References to support your responses. 

* 2 full paragraph responses.

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