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Based on what your last name starts with, use the

  • Based on what your last name starts with, use the key listed below to identify what your assigned component of the EKG is for this discussion:
    • Last name starts with A-E = P Wave
    • Last name starts with F-J = QRS Complex
    • Last name starts with K-O = PR interval
    • Last name starts with P-T = Heart rate and heart rhythm
    • Last name starts with U-Z = T wave   
  • Describe and explain your assigned component in relation to the heart’s physiology. Discuss what this represents for the heart function. Make sure to relate this to the cardiac cycle and the cardiac conduction system.
  • Pick a homeostatic imbalance that can disrupt your assigned component. Describe this condition. Discuss how this imbalance will change your assigned component of the EKG. Discuss the implications on the function of the organ and organ system.

Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.

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