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In this step (Step 6), we will produce half of


In this step (Step 6), we will produce half of the Annotated Bibliography. The second half will be done in Step 7. The first half of your Annotated Bibliography will contain 2 sources:

  • 1 scholarly journal article from the UMGC Library
  • 1 source from the wider internet

Each source will be cited in Chicago Style bibliographic form, and each source will have its own annotation.

Each annotation will be at least 150-200 words and will include:

  • Author Background
  • Publishing Organization Background
  • Thesis
  • Evidence
  • Degree of Bias
  • Accuracy
  • Comparison to Other Sources
  • Assessment of Quality for Academic Research
    See instructions for details on these items.

These skills will serve you well in future courses and as you encounter articles in the news and on social media.

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