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As an early childhood professional you play a key role in encouraging inspiring and nurturing all children to be able

As an early childhood professional, you play a key role in encouraging, inspiring, and nurturing all children to be able to thrive in a diverse world. As you have learned, partnering with families is an essential component to quality early childhood programs and services as well as the development of an anti-bias curriculum. By working together, educators and families are much more apt to help develop confident, respectful children with positive self-identities.
For this Assignment, you will explore ways to communicate the foundational elements of anti-bias education to the families with whom you work. To do so, assume the role of an early childhood professional in a setting of your choices, such as a child care coordinator on a military base, a team leader in a community child care center, a head teacher in a University preschool, or any other position that works with young children and their families and interests you.
With this profession and setting in mind, prepare a Power Point presentation to introduce families to the anti-bias curriculum.
To begin, think about what you want your families to know and why and questions family members may have:
What is anti-bias education?
Why is anti-bias education important?
What goals do you have with respect to anti-bias education in your early childhood setting?
What terminology would be helpful for families to understand?
Next, consider the visual elements (i.e., photos or other images) you might add to your presentation to make it engaging and truly reflect the diversity of children and families in your setting, your community, and in the world.
Then, find at least one quote from this week’s Learning Resources or another source of your choice, to include in your presentation. The quote should reflect the heart of anti-bias education and send a message of inspiration and hope for creating a place where all children have the opportunity to learn, thrive, and succeed.
As you prepare your presentation, review the ideas shared in the Learning Resources for this week, particularly the Key Terms (p. xi) section of the course text and Chapter 1, What Is Anti-Bias Education? Your completed PowerPoint presentation must contain at least eight slides and include each of the elements in the bulleted list above.
Once you have completed your PowerPoint presentation, prepare a written response that describes the early childhood setting you chose, and provides a brief rationalization about the information you decided to include in your presentation.
the written response and PowerPoint.

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