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Assignment You are tasked with selecting an electronic game and playing it with an older family member at least 50

Assignment You are tasked with selecting an electronic game and playing it with an older family member (at least 50 years old)
You can select any game, from Words with Friends to more complex social games such as Madden, Call of Duty, or any MMORPG—as long as it is something you can play together with the person of your choice. The game does not have to be cooperative, it can be competitive as well, it is up to you. You are required to play 2-3 hours per week for 3 weeks, starting the week of October 19. How you distribute the play, i.e. how many times per week you play, is entirely up to you and your gaming partner. You and your gaming partner do not have to be co-located for this study, the joint gaming can take place online (app games, social games). After the three weeks of play, you will write a reflection paper on the activity based on your own experience and that of your gaming partner, whom you will interview to get their point of view. Reflection paper guidelines:
Pages: Minimum 5, double-spaced, standard 1 margins, 12pt font
Pages 1-3 (more is acceptable, fewer is not), write a reflection on the activity, how did you communicate through and around technology, what expectations did you have and were they met (and how). Discuss issues and challenges, what went smoothly, what surprised you. Pages 3-5, answer the questions below for yourself and your gaming partner (interview your gaming partner and write down their responses). Use a separate
page for each person, note your gaming partner’s and relationship to you on the top of the page. Questions for pages 3-5: Please describe your experience playing video games with your family members. What did you like? What you disliked? If you could change one thing about joint gaming, what would it be? What was your normal playing ritual? What did you do while playing? Did you talk? Joke? Were you competitive or did you prefer cooperative playing? Will you continue to play, even if occasionally? Did this activity and related communication differ from your usual interaction? If yes,how? Please respond to each question carefully and in as much detail as possible

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