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Class Notes Essay Due Friday by 11:59pm Points 100 Submitting an external tool Available Oct 26 at 12am Nov 27

Class Notes Essay
Due Friday by 11:59pm
Points 100
Submitting an external tool
Available Oct 26 at 12am – Nov 27 at 11:59pm about 1 month
Looking primarily at two essays in Adolph Reed Jr.s
Class Notes–Token Equality and Posing as Politics–write a MLA-formatted essay that explores what Adolph Reed argues politics should concern itself with. Key to answering this question is understanding Reeds conception of the effective realm(s) in which to contest politics and effective ways to contest them.
On pg. 168 of the book (in Posing as Politics) Reed writes, This dismissal of state-centered politics is a signal weakness of the left. What does Reed mean by this? In what ways does the critique he puts forward in this essay grapple with the notion of what is and is not effective politics? In what ways does he deconstruct faulty and ineffective modes of doing politics?
One of the aspects of his critique of ineffectual politics is Reeds discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of identity politics. How do identity politics politics blunt the edge of radical critiques and structural analyses of society? There are parts of other essay besides Token Equality and Posing as Politics that address questions and ideas in this prompt, so feel free to draw from them. Specifically, Ethnic Studies and Pluralist Politics offer insights you may find useful.
*Your essay should be at least four pages.
*Your essay should have at least 6-7 quotes from
Class Notes
*Please make sure your essay has an original title (this was something many of you didnt do for the first essay.)

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