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This week we are exploring aspects of the job search


This week we are exploring aspects of the job search for which you will be using your e-Portfolio. In our Week 1 Discussion, you wrote about your dream job. In our Week 2 Lesson, you read about key tips and information about conducting an effective job search. With these things in mind, for this week’s discussion:

  1. Please conduct an online career search for your dream job that you described in the Week 1 Discussion –or, in the alternative —  another post-graduate position of interest to you.
  2. Share at least one here in the discussion. Explain in your post:
    1. how you went about your search (e.g. databases you used, key search terms, etc.);
    2. describe at least one job position you found; and
    3. how this job position aligns with the Career Plan you developed in your Week 1 Assignment.

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