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In this exercise you will watch a movie. You can

  1. In this exercise you will watch a movie. You can watch either WIT or MY LIFE
  2. Post at least a one (2) page long response to answer the questions below:
    1. In what way(s) is death dealt with in the movie? Is it a positive or mostly negative representation?
    2. Is there any symbolism utilized in the movie when it comes to the issue of death?
    3. Where does the death occur in the movie, is it in a hospital as in WIT or at home as in MY LEGACY? Does this make the dying easier or harder, in your opinion?
    4. Is there a battle or anxiety and fear when it comes to death, or, a peaceful resolution about the eventual demise of the character?
  3. Be sure to reference any works that you utilize in answering the questions 

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