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Objective: Identify risks in planning the audit by examining client

Objective:  Identify risks in planning the audit by examining client source documents: 10-K, Board Minutes, Letter to Shareholders, Organizational Chart,  and IT Systems.

Apollo Shoes, Inc is a global distributor specializing in technologically superior athletic podiatric products.  Apollo is a new client to the firm.  Our objective at this phase in planning the audit is to become familiar with the client and identify risks associated with the audit, so we can plan the audit accordingly.  Information obtained and documented in the planning phase should help guide risk assessments for the current year audit.  Recommended audit actions should be provided with findings and observations.


Review the following client source documents:

Access the following workpaper spreadsheet with audit program and workpapers:  Apollo_Planning_Part_1_Audit_Mini_Case.xls 

  • Review the email from your Audit Manager and respond accordingly
  • Identify significant audit items on workpaper A-3
  • Sign-off on A-0 Audit Program upon completion of audit procedure
  • Review all posted materials related to the case.
  • Review the instructions, audit program, and workpaper
  • Identify significant audit items, summarize on A-3, consider and document evidence necessary to gather, audit procedures to apply to text the items, and anticipated effect on the financial statements. For each team member’s contribution, identify with your initials.
  • Answer all questions on email tab and sign-off.
  • Sign-off as completed on A-0 as preparer and reviewer with your initials

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