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Diverse Teams Hold Court Critical Thinking Questions If you don’t

Diverse Teams Hold Court

Critical Thinking Questions

  1. If you don’t have a diverse group of people on your team, how can you ensure that you will have robust discussions and decision-making? What techniques can you use to generate conversations from different perspectives?
  2. Evaluate your own team at work. Is it a diverse team? How would you rate the quality of decisions generated from that group?

Sources: Adapted from Katherine W. Phillips, “How Diversity Makes Us Smarter,” Scientific American, October 2014, p. 7–8.

Please note the following important standards:

  • Proofread your paper carefully; always use proper grammar and spelling.
  • If a specific question is looking for a qualitative answer, limit your answer to five sentences or less.  Quality over quantity, please!
  • Please place your name, date, and assignment name (Module 2 Assignment) in the heading.  Your assignment must be in Microsoft Word, Time New Roman size 12 font.
  • Any outside sources must be cited properly.  Please use APA formatting.

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