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Content of Scriptural narrative IN, “The Drama of Scripture,” by

Prepare an essay of 2-3 pages single-space and  that summarizes the content of Scriptural narrative based on six acts as presented in the textbook, “The Drama of Scripture,” by Bartholomew and Goheen. The goal of this essay is to demonstrate an understanding of the Bible as one coherent and unified narrative. Make sure your essay addresses the following questions and topics: What are the main aspects of the plot of the Biblical narrative as a whole? Your answer should discuss how the narrative starts and how the narrative ends; the main problem of the narrative plot; and the solution(s) of the main problem. What is the main theme of the Biblical narrative? What is the end goal of the narrative? The essay should highlight the key texts of Scriptural story as presented in the textbook, “The Drama of Scripture.” How is the New Testament connected to the Old Testament? Or, how does the story of Jesus and the early church relate to the story of creation and fall and Israel’s mission? Discuss one or two main biblical passages that, in your opinion, help you see the connections between the story of Israel and the story of Jesus and the early church. What is the place of the church within the Biblical narrative? What place does the narrative have for the church? In light of Scriptural story studied in this course, what is your place in the Scriptural narrative as a Christian and as a Christian professional? What new understandings did you gain from trying to see the Bible as a single narrative that witness to the triune God’s mission in the world and which aspects remain unclear?

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