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Evaluation of the BSN program

The end of program evaluation of the BSN program outcomes will be comprehensively analyzed in a synthesis paper.

The paper should be no more than 5 pages and will include the elements below. The student will identify the element below, identify in which course the element was achieved, and provide a brief reflection addressing how the outcome was reached. Integrate knowledge from nursing and liberal education concepts as the basis for clinical reasoning, analytical skills of inquiry, social justice, spirituality, and advocacy. 7 2 Apply leadership concepts of quality improvement, patient safety, and caring to healthcare delivery. 7 3 Synthesize the impact of evidence-based practice utilized theory and research. 7 4 Demonstrate best practice using patient care technologies, information systems and communication devices to collaborate with interdisciplinary team to deliver safe, quality care. 7 5 Analyze knowledge of healthcare policy, finance and regulatory environments that impact safe, quality care. 7 6 Apply concepts of interdisciplinary communication techniques to promote positive patient outcomes. 7 7 Collaborate with interdisciplinary professionals to implement effective clinical prevention strategies for the population health throughout the lifespan. 7 8 Articulate the value of pursing practice excellence, lifelong learning, and professional engagement to foster professionalism. 7 9 Implement holistic compassionate, patient centered, safe, and evidence based care that respects patients and family preferences. 7 10 Advocate for global care and social justice among all populations. 7 11 Employ lifelong learning for decision making to support excellence in nursing practice. 7 12 Discuss your nursing career goals, steps to continue lifelong learning and the hopes you have for nursing in the future. 1 13 Environment 3 14 Humanity 15 Health 16 Nursing

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