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How did the Black Lives Matter movement begin?

Length 5-6 pages, double-spaced (1500-2000 words) Times New Roman, font 12 Hand in on CULearn AND in hard copy to your TA The Research Process: 1) Identify a social problem that is discussed in James Cairns The Myth of the Age of Entitlement 2) Develop a research question.

MY QUESTION IS : hOw did the Black Lives Matter movement begin 3) Develop a research plan What key words will you use to research this topic? *** pro-tip: when you find one good source, check the bibliography and look up some of their good sources*** What types of sources will you look for? Which databases will you use? *** Your final paper should engage with at least 5 contemporary academic sources*** 4) Read, take notes while reading 5) If you haven’t found an answer, go back to the library, the bibliographies of your good sources, the sociology librarian 6) Think about the relationship between your research and the course material (lectures, Cairns, and Little et al). 7) If you’ve arrived at a rough answer (i.e thesis statement) you can start to plan your writing. The Writing Process: 1) Before you begin writing your essay, plan your outline. a. What is your thesis? b. What are your supporting arguments? 2) In your essay you should start with a clear introductory paragraph that includes these elements: a. A brief introduction to the topic b. A statement of what your research question was: “My question is: how do _______________” c. A clear thesis statement: “In this paper I argue that __________________” d. An outline of your essay: “In this paper I will first….., then ….., and finally ….” 3) For each idea, make sure you support your argument with clear references to your research, direct & indirect citations, the course material, Cairns & Little et al. 4) Edit, edit, edit.

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