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 In ASA format: Part I of your discussion board post for this module should begin with a brief (3 – 4 sentence) summary of the reading(s), properly cited, but you should not spend more than a paragraph of your post summarizing, as the real life application of the material is as important as your summary. Please leave one line as a section break between the summary and Part II of the discussion board post. Part II: Locate an article from at least 2 reputable news sources, and provide the links within your post. After providing the links, you should tie the articles back to the week’s topic, and explain how they further the class discussion on the module’s topic. They can be examples of specific types of delinquency being addressed in the module, evaluations of programs, or even in-depth coverage of delinquent events or behavior among groups of youth. This list is not all-inclusive; rather, it should present you with a general idea of the types of articles you should find. Please do not find sensationalized tabloid accounts of events or submit a police blotter/police beat article that summarizes reported crime perpetrated the day prior in a community. Ideally, you should instead look for articles that present opposing viewpoints or ways of understanding a similar phenomenon. Part of the purpose of this exercise is to analyze the rhetoric the media uses to frame events and reactions. The minimum word count for this assignment is 350 words (including the summary, open-ended question, and potential response)


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