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Explore the different uses Chaucer makes of the classical legacy in

Is Troilus and Criseyde a serious tragedy or a comic subversion of the genre?


Explore the different uses Chaucer makes of the classical legacy in Troilus and Criseyde. In your answer, pay attention to the kinds of classical texts Chaucer had, and could have had, access to in the late-fourteenth century.


Discuss the treatment of love in The Parliament of Foules or Troilus and Criseyde.


“Allas, of me, unto the worldes ende, / Shal neyther ben ywriten nor ysonge / No good word” (V.1058-60). Does Criseyde deserve to be blamed for her choices in Troilus and Criseyde?


Discuss the role genre and mode play in the contrasting characterisations of Criseyde and Griselda.

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