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Human Resouce Management Systems

1. Cover page 2. Table of contents 3. Introduction -Half to one page -Explain the purpose of this paper. -Provide an overview of the contents of the paper; for example, identify sections. 4. Technology Solution Category Research -Four to six pages -NOTE: Here, you will perform in-depth research of the technical solution category that you identified in PROJECT PART 1 (Human Resource Management Systems). -Explain what this technology is for. What is its business purpose? -Describe technical details. How does the technology work? What are the key components? -Explain how this technology enables business innovation.

-Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an important issue for organizations. CSR could be demonstrated internally (e.g., work environment/conditions) or externally (e.g., service to community). What can the organization do to demonstrate CSR with the implementation of this technology? 5. Key vendors/market players 6. Advantages -Half to one page -Identify the advantages of this technical solution category. 7. Disadvantages -Half to one page -Identify the disadvantages of this technical solution category. 8. Summary -Half to one page -Summarize key points 9. Bibliography

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