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Bolean Search

Choose a disease or condition of interest to you. Using the databases identified in Tables 3-3 and 3-4 in your text and the university library search engines, conduct a search of the literature using Boolean operators to find current evidence (last 5 years) in the form of research articles, systematic reviews, and / or clinical practice guidelines or algorithms describing current care for the disease or condition. Write one to two paragraphs describing how you conducted your search. What terms did you combine to get the results? How many results did you find with the terms? How did you narrow your search? Create a reference list of at least 5 references in APA format. Organization Includes • One – two (1-2) paragraphs that describe: o The topic or disease or condition of interest o The research / evidence-based question (PICO) o Databases used to conduct the search o Boolean operators used and the number of ‘hits’ (articles) retrieved using each set of terms o the criteria used to narrow the search • One (1) summary paragraph focused on ease of the search and student learning (see Summary elements) Maximum score40 Summary • Summary paragraph describes ease of use of the databases, amount and quality of information available related to topic of interest and the student’s personal learning from the assignment Maximum score20 Reference List • Reference list has at least 5 references in APA format • Databases used represent current health literature related to evidence-based practice as described in Chapter 3 of the textbook • Reference list is on a separate page from the introductory and summary paragraphs Maximum score40

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